About Us


iHelios has been brought to the UK by the owner of SBR Refurbishment - property development and construction company. SBR Refurbishment has come across many property developers looking for ways to reduce investment costs, as well as landlords struggling with condensation problems, or facing boiler systems replacements costs periodically. This inspired a search for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and long-term solution to those problems, that could meet the standards of the carbon free future of heating systems. iHelios heating system is the answer to those questions.


The aim of our team is to provide heating solutions which can make a viable contribution towards decarbonisation of heating in the UK. With the terrifying prospect of the planet heating up just another 1.5 °C, it is our mission to mitigate the need for old fashioned heating systems and help our customers’ properties to be fit for purpose ahead of the 2025 Future Homes Standard deadline, which will ban the installation of gas boilers.


We are painfully aware that efforts to reduce the effects of climate change are not making a big enough impact. However, installing iHelios in a property of any type will vastly improve its carbon footprint whilst keeping your property and its occupants, warm and comfortable. It is the first step towards securing a more sustainable future for our buildings, but more importantly, our planet.

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