As we all know, solar PV generates electricity during the day as it converts daylight into energy however most households are not in during the day to use this super clean energy.  So, for an additional cost we can now supply a battery storage system that retains all the electricity you generate so it’s ready to use when required, and if your battery is fully charged, you can sell your surplus electricity to your chosen supplier for as much as 5.6p KwP. 

Naturally, winter days are shorter so there is less light therefore your system will not generate as much electricity as in the long days of the summer months.  However, with a Smart Battery, as well as being charged from your solar panels, this can also be charged overnight using an off-peak tariff which is as much as half the price of a daytime rate.

When you couple this together with our iHelios Infrared heating system you could achieve a zero carbon, zero cost home.

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