Case Study: Cholmley Street

Cholmley Street

Our project down Cholmley Street, Hull was a tenanted property. The landlord of the property was experiencing constant issues with damage caused by black mould and condensation.

Originally, the property has had traditional electrical radiators however, the tenant who lived in the property was struggling to cope with the daily electricity costs, costing the tenant £5 a day to heat the home.

Since our iHelios Heating System has been installed, the daily costs are just £1.20 per day and the tenant has reported to us how pleasant this method of heating felt in terms of comfort.

The landlord has got rid of the black mould and condensation damage before our iHelios Heating System has been installed, since then the issues have still not returned. This is only because our product gets rid of the unnecessary and unwanted stuff your place does not need.

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