Case Study: Silver Street

Silver Street

10 apartments in the Hull City Centre were made where our iHelios Heating System has been installed. These apartments were in the process of a huge refurbishment by ‘SBR Refurbishment Limited’ also our company.

The developer wanted to install extremely expensive electric radiators. However, we explained what benefits our product would bring and how using infrared heating would bring full control of the heating to the consumer and how much money this could save people in the long run.

Our iHelios Heating System requires zero maintenance in comparison to typical boilers and convection heaters and to top that off it is invisible! That’s right, INVISIBLE! Our product is hidden inside the ceilings. It has more than 50 Years lifespan and we give an amazing 30 Years guarantee to everyone who purchases our product.

Comforting heat: Using our infrared technology, which heats individuals and objects directly rather than the air, it delivers a much greater level of comforting heat.

iHelios installation – Total flat area- 54 Sqm

Bedroom – iHelios iH410 and Wi-Fi thermostat iH829.
Total system power 1630W.

Hallway– iHelios iH410 and Wi-Fi thermostat iH829.
Total system power 350W.

Kitchen and Livingroom – iHelios iH410 and Wi-Fi thermostat iH829.
Total system power 3300W.

Total system power = 5280W.

The total coverage of our iHelios Heating System is 24 Sqm.

The program is setup for 8 hours per day. Temperature 21°C, running costs per day are 10kWh using as a reference £0.17 per kWh which totals in £1.79 per day so we reckon monthly costs would be around £54.

During the 8 hours our system only consumes energy for the first 2 hours as a kickstart.

This is a quotation by an electric company for standard electric radiators-
Total system power is 5500W.

The system must run for about 6 hours within the 8-hour program. So that means the running costs per 33kWh per day would be £5.61 which means the monthly costs would be £168!

It is obvious that our system won the client over. He was extremely confident and happy that he has chosen the perfect heating system for his amazing project.

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