Case Study: Victorian terraced house in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Victorian terraced house in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Our next project involved renovating a basement in a Victorian house from 1892 in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The basement, which was previously unoccupied and in need of full renovation, was being converted into small flat. House owner has decided to choose our product inspired by the fact that iHelios heating system can be concealed within floors, ceiling or walls and is completely invisible freeing your space from radiators. Saving space can be a huge benefit in small living areas like the renovated flat. iHelios heating system is also very efficient, which translates into lower energy bills and lower carbon footprint. Another deciding factor was poor accessibility of the renovated space that would generate very high cost of pluming installation required for central heating. iHelios heating system has been installed under the laminate floor in the whole flat, apart from the bathroom area, where it was installed in the ceiling. Our product has contributed greatly to converting what previously was a cold concrete basement into warm, cosy and comfortable living space.

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