Common misperceptions about infrared heating and EPC rating

Common misperceptions about infrared heating and EPC rating

EPC rating is a calculation of the energy efficiency of the building. It is determined by great variety of factors: property age, type, and dimensions; wall, roof and floor construction and Insulation; windows and glazing; doors; main and secondary heating systems; main heating controls; lighting systems; water heating systems.

EPC ratings are not widely understood by the public. There is still some confusion regarding the factors that determine building’s EPC rating.

Many people believe it is the efficiency of the heating system, however it is not completely true!!!The most crucial factor affecting energy efficiency of the property is the quality of the building insulation, windows, and door – in other words, how well the building can keep the generated heat inside and the cold outside.

It does not matter if you have the most advanced heating system that can be if the building insulation is poor and lets all the heat out – the system will not be able to achieve its maximum efficiency!!!

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Improving Property’s EPC Rating Case Study

One of our projects involved installing iHelios system in 10 apartments in Hull City Centre. The apartments were in the process of a huge renovation provided by SBR Refurbishment Ltd, our sister company. During the renovation internal wall insulation was installed, along with the loft space insulation and new double-glazed windows. As a result, the apartments EPC ratings jumped from band E to B, with the possibility of upgrade the band A, if the solar panels were to be installed!

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