Infrared – the heat designed for the human body

Infrared – the heat designed for the human body

Infrared energy travels through the air as electromagnetic waves and is converted into heat when absorbed by living organisms and objects. Different objects have different ability to absorb infrared waves. Air can only absorb very small percentage of infrared energy.

Mirrored surfaces are good reflectors that do not absorb infrared rays. Human body absorbs and emits infrared waves well. In fact, our bodies – our skin precisely speaking – are naturally designed to absorb and emit radiant energy. Absorption and emission of the heat regulate our body’s temperature, and also determine our perception of the temperature and comfort.

The most optimal and comfortable temperature range for human body is between 16°C and 26°C. If the temperature in the environment drops below 16°C our body radiates its own heat to the environment, and we feel cold. On the other hand, when the temperature in the environment raises above 26°C, our body starts to absorb the temperature from the environment, and we feel warm. The wavelength of infrared radiation that human body emits is about 10 microns. iHelios mat emits far infrared radiation with the wavelengths of 9-14 microns.

Similarity of the wavelengths means that human body can absorb infrared heat emitted from iHelios film very easily and naturally. Infrared heat is absorbed by us more effectively than any other kind of heat. It also penetrates much deeper into our body than any other type of heat. Convection heating systems, that deliver heat via the circulation of hot air, are not as effective in making us feel worm, because the heat from the air is very poorly absorbed by our bodies.

This makes the traditional heating systems less efficient. iHelios system using infrared radiation is not only very efficient in delivering heat and helping us achieve comfortable temperature faster, but it also delivers the heat that our body “understands” and utilises in the best way. Far infrared heat is the most natural, gentle, and safe heat for humans – it is used in hospital incubators for newborn babies.

Moreover, we can also say that there are health and well-being benefits associated with using far infrared technology to provide the heat for our homes. iHelios system emits the same heat as the sun does (free from UV radiation) – the heat that penetrates much deeper into skin and objects than the hot air does.

Convectional heaters dry out our skin, cause static electricity, induce air circulation and, as a result, the circulation of the dust. iHelios system that emits infrared heat is free from these issues. It maintains the good quality of air which has a positive effect on skin conditions, like eczema.

Reduced air movement brings relief to asthma and allergy sufferers due to reduced dust circulation. Infrared radiation has its application not only in heating our houses, but also in different types of heat therapies delivered through hospital incubators, infrared sauna, lamps, infrared garments, blankets etc.

Infrared therapies are used for conditions like arthritis, sinus problems, pain relief, acne. Infrared energy can be used for detoxification of our bodies, improving blood pressure and circulation. It also can boost our immune system, speed up our metabolism and support weight loss.

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