There’s been a revolution in lighting over the last few years.  Old incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes have made way for modern, low energy LED lighting systems that use a fraction of the energy, last longer, look better and can be deployed in a many innovative ways. However, all the focus has been on the light emitting element rather than how the light itself was controlled.

The iHelios range of Wi-Fi light switches come in an elegant tempered glass finish, lit by a gentle dark blue LED. They can control multiple lights with existing light fittings via voice, touch or the iHelios App.

What makes our Smart light switches unique is that you can retain your existing light fittings.  Simply replace the light switch unit and you are in control of whatever light fitting it in place.  You can choose between 1-4 gang, or up to 2 gang with a Dimmer switch. 

When programmed via the App you can set on/off times and with an iHelios movement sensor you can set the lights to switch on/off when someone enters or leaves the room.


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