iHelios has been brought to the UK by the owner of a property development and construction firm.

The search began due to landlords having condensation problems, boiler system replacements and property developers keeping an eye on costs.

Home Owners

Homeowners conscious about reducing their carbon footprint and their impact on climate change, whilst at the same time reducing energy costs are opting for alternative ways to heat homes.

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A common problem in commercial buildings is caused by old-fashioned heating systems dissipating the warmth unevenly throughout the area of the building.

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Property Developers

iHelios is the perfect product to keep your teams of trades happy and your project development costs low. This simple solution can be retrofitted into your developments.

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House Builders

Green housing programmes for new house builders are in a fantastic position with iHelios as starting your project from scratch gives you major cost savings. As you will be aware, in 2025.

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Heating is a major cause for concern for landlords and an issue which can hemorrhage money out of your investment. Created by tenants drying clothes inside the house and cooking without.

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Interior Designers & Architects

iHelios is a dream product for interior designers as it removes so much hassle for those with an eye for aesthetics – the technology means it is hidden from sight, concealed within the ceilings or floors.

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