Cost effective heating for Commercial Use

A common problem in commercial buildings is caused by old-fashioned heating systems distributing the warmth unevenly throughout the area of the building.

iHelios technology emits heat through the room evenly, warming the fabric of the building, the objects and people, rather than the air. You can say goodbye to costly heaters for employees working in colder parts of the building.

The technology is invisible and silent. The sounds from a boiler room, water circulating around the building, or the expanding pipes creating annoying clanking sounds are eliminated.

What to expect

No matter how large the space is - whether your office is a large open plan call centre or a charming period-style work space - iHelios system can provide comfortable heat.

Replacing old radiators and water pipes iHelios thermal film concealed within the ceilings, walls, or floors, can free up the space for your branding scheme, products, shelving and displays, which complement your organisation.

There are three ways to install iHelios in your commercial premises

Under Floor Heating - enjoy the luxury of warm floors throughout your home.

Inside the ceiling - completely out of the way while still delivering the heat evenly throughout the whole space.

iHelios panels - attached to an existing ceiling.

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