Construction Professionals

Before a brick is laid a team of highly qualified construction professionals are responsible for ensuring that any project is thoughtfully designed, clearly specified, and well planned.

These include Architects, SAP assessors, M&E Consultants, Project Managers, and a range of large and small construction companies.

The iHelios Living range has been developed to make life simpler for any construction or refurbishment project.

Our team of iHelios Specialists understand the needs of construction professionals, the wide-ranging questions and the implications that getting one element wrong can have on the entire project.


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Social & Private Lettings

Nowadays there are several types of property letting options.  From the traditional “Council House” through to Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) to specific property types for individuals requiring a wide range of needs.

Regardless of the sector, property landlords and managers have many things to consider, from upfront capital costs, running costs, safety, reliability, ease of use and management, servicing, regulatory carbon reduction targets; the list goes on.

At iHelios our team of consultants have an in depth understand of all of these implications, and many more, and will listen carefully to your exacting requirements and advise you of the most efficient way to achieve your goals, whether it’s heating, security, lighting, safety or monitoring your assets, we are here to help.


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Over the last few years, the costs of running a home have spiralled, especially the cost of energy, and though current prices have stabilised, it is predicted that particularly gas prices, will continue to rise as the UK increases the quest to decarbonise the economy.

From 2025 no newly built home will have a gas connection and from 2035 you will not be able to replace an existing gas or oil-fired boiler as they are inefficient and emit a range of harmful greenhouse gasses.

iHelios heating is efficient by design, not only because you have a thermostat in every room giving you complete control, but its very design reduces the amount of electricity you need to heat each room.  And if you are fortunate to have a roof that is suitable for Solar panels, you could enjoy some free heat and hot water throughout the year.


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