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Cost effective heating for house builders

Green housing programmes for new house builders are in a fantastic position with iHelios as starting your project from scratch gives you major cost savings.

As you will be aware, in 2025 the installation of gas boilers will no longer be permitted. This means with iHelios you will be ahead of the game as local authorities and development companies research ways to achieve the 2025 target when the installation of gas boilers will be no longer permitted.

What to expect

From the initial design stage with your architect, house builders start making huge cost savings as well as reducing the time taken for installation.

iHelios keeps your teams of trades happy and your project development costs low. The simple installation removes the need for a central heating system, boiler and piping, instead the heating in each room is self contained, powered by the electric supply with individual thermostatic controls.

There are three ways to install iHelios in your property development

Under Floor Heating - enjoy the luxury of warm floors throughout your home.

Wall heat – latent thermal energy is released or absorbed, by a body or a thermodynamic system, during a constant-temperature process.

In the ceiling.

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