Cost effective heating for landlords

Heating is a major cause for concern for landlords and an issue which can haemorrhage money out of your investment.

Created by tenants drying clothes inside the house and cooking without using ventilation, condensation alone causes black mould and rotten timbers – your repair and maintenance costs easily add up.

Rogue tenants are known to rip out boilers and heating systems and again the installation of a new boiler can wipe out your annual profit in one foul swoop.

What to expect

Helios does not work in the same was as a gas central heating boiler system. All of the equipment is installed within the walls and floors leaving you with plain walls, nothing for tenants to rip out, no water tanks or radiators to leak and create water damage, no ongoing servicing costs, or requirement for gas safety certificates, etc.

Instead, after the installation, you can forget about the heating system and feel happy in the knowledge that it is self contained and your investment is better protected.

There are three ways to install iHelios in your property development

Under Floor Heating - enjoy the luxury of warm floors throughout your home.

Wall heat – latent thermal energy is released or absorbed, by a body or a thermodynamic system, during a constant-temperature process.

Ceiling heat.

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