Property Developers

Cost effective heating for property developers

iHelios is the perfect product to keep your teams of trades happy and your project development costs low.

This simple solution can be retrofitted into your developments as the system removes the need for a central heating system, boiler and piping, instead the heating in each room is self contained and connected to the electric supply.

What to expect

Infrared heating is particularly effective in older buildings with poor insulation, where heat produced by convectional heating system is constantly lost through the fabric of the building and the ventilation.

This isn’t a problem for iHelios as the heat is absorbed by walls, furnishings and people. Radiant heat is retained much more effectively than the air. Infrared heat also doesn't rely on air circulation to deliver heat.

Whether you are refurbishing an existing property or building from scratch, iHelios is a perfect solution. You don’t need to strip your walls and surfaces back completely, this product sits on the drywall too.

There are three ways to install iHelios in your property development

Under Floor Heating - enjoy the luxury of warm floors throughout your home.

Inside the ceiling - completely out of the way while still delivering the heat evenly throughout the whole space.

iHelios panels - attached to an existing ceiling.

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