iHelios Safe and Secure Systems

iHelios home security cameras don’t just record crime, they help prevent it. With outdoor security cameras that detect movement and deter them, a doorbell camera that detects and protects packages, smart locks, lighting and security sensors, your home or office will always be protected.

All our products work together to create a fully integrated home security system that has been specifically designed to protect every door, window, or blind spot.

iHelios Surveillance Cameras

iHelios provides smart solutions for security cameras across all categories, covering smart cameras, smart access controls, video intercom systems and smart peepholes.

Our one-stop full-link solutions are fully functional, encompassing two-way talk, video talkback, edge and storage analysis, human shape detection, event reporting, remote processing, embedded SDK, stable and reliable P2P transmission, multi-scenario apps and web clients.

iHelios Security Sensors

Our security sensors monitor doors and windows to protect your home or office from possible burglars and intruders. If someone tries to break in an alarm will sound and alert you to the possible danger. 

iHelios Safety Alarms

Protect against fires, floods, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

Include added safety and peace of mind with monitoring alarms that are part of your iHelios system. All of these can be linked to your main alarm system and your personal smart phone or tablet. 

iHelios Video Doorbell

See, hear, and speak to visitors from wherever you are with an iHelios Video Doorbell. You will get an instant notification on your phone or tablet and can customise the motion settings so you can stay connected to home, no matter where you are.

You get an instant notification whenever someone presses your doorbell or triggers the built-in motion sensors, and you are not in or too busy to answer the door or you don’t want to answer, you can talk to whoever is there and let them know.

If you have an iHelios Smart Lock you can always automatically let them in simply by opening the door from your Smart phone or tablet.

iHelios Door Locks

The iHelios range of smart lock solutions are ideal of homes or offices. They offer convenient keyless entry, whether by mobile phone, fingerprint, or numerical passcode. The solution supports scene linkage triggered by the door opening. Home members can personalize their scene linkage to have an exclusive homecoming experience.

You can verify and grant temporary access, and easily manage access for visitors in residential, social and commercial settings. If you have visitors while you're away, you can visually confirm who it is by the video doorbell on your iHelios app and then remotely unlock the door to let them in.

If visitors have reoccurring scheduled access times, for example, they attend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am to 12pm, such as cleanser, they can be given a personal entry passcode. Alternatively, they can be given a 1-time passcode enabling a single entry.

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