The Product

Your alternative to traditional heating systems.

iHelios is maintenance-free and super-efficient, which translates into lower energy costs for your property or development making it the most cost effective solution to heating your property.

With individual thermostatic controls iHelios provides near instantaneous heat, along with a 30 year warranty. Intelligent settings are controlled via an app or thermostat.

The technology is invisible and silent, no heating sounds from a boiler room or water circulation around the building, expanding pipes creating annoying clanking sounds.

Life time of product used is more than 50 years

  • 100% Natural & eco friendly heat
  • Doesn’t heat air
  • Less damp and mould
  • Far less energy use
  • No maintenance
  • Emissions free *
* When backed up with solar panels


Using a patented thermal film, concealed in walls and floors, the system provides a heat source which emits radiant heat throughout the room without the need for a boiler, radiators or gas supply.


iHelios uses infrared radiation which, rather than heating the air, delivers heat directly to bodies and furnishings in the room, even if the air still feels cool. This consumes much less electricity than heating the entire volume of a property for occupants to be comfortable.


The thermal film is an interior designer’s and decorator’s dream. With plain walls each room is a blank canvas, allowing furniture to be situated anywhere you like, so you’re not limited by radiators fixed to the wall.

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