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iHelios Product

We use ECO pro carbon film that can create failure-free, comfortable, and super-efficient heating system in houses, flats, and other facilities.

iHelios heating system uses modern technology that turns electrical energy into far infrared radiation. There are three methods of heat transfer between objects – convection, conduction, and infrared.

Infrared radiation (IR) is a type of electromagnetic radiation. We cannot see it, but we perceive it as heat. There are different types of electromagnetic radiation, which have different frequencies. Together, the types of electromagnetic radiation make up the electromagnetic spectrum. From highest to lowest frequency, electromagnetic radiation includes gamma-rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared radiation, microwaves, and radio waves.

Not all radiation is dangerous. Infrared radiation is perfectly safe for living organisms. In fact, all objects in the universe emit infrared radiation.

iHelios heating system works like one of the most natural heat sources for our planet – the sun – it releases infrared energy that makes us comfortable and warm, because our skin is naturally designed to absorb infrared radiation. Unlike the sun, which also emits other types of radiation – for example visible light waves and ultraviolet radiation, iHelios system, releases only the infrared radiation. This means that all the harmful part of the sun’s radiation is eliminated and makes iHelios a perfectly safe heating solution.

Heat Delivery

Unlike the traditional, convection heating systems, which heats up the air, which is then circulated around the room, until all the air in the room becomes warm, iHelios does not depend on air for heat transmission. Air and gases absorb only a very small percentage of emitted infrared radiation, that is why infrared radiation goes through the air particles and reaches the objects and living organism directly where upon the absorption is converted to heat. The heat is distributed evenly around the room.


The application of infrared radiation to heating technology, allows iHelios system to be super-efficient. Infrared heating is an efficient form of heating not only because over 99% of the electric energy supplied to the heating foil is converted into heat. It also helps to save on energy bills, because the heat is delivered to people and objects directly, eliminating the need to warm up the entire volume of the air in the rooms in order to achieve the target temperature. The radiant heat absorbed by the objects and people is cumulated by them and then emitted back to the environment contributing to the heat delivery process and allowing the system to work less. As a result, iHelios consumes much less power than convection heating systems.

Without relying on air circulation as a heat delivery mechanism, there is no significant heat loss due to ventilation. Additionally, our smart thermostats with their open window sensor are designed to double-check that the heat loss is eliminated.

iHelios system heats the room much quicker than traditional heating systems, it does not need to heat all of the air in the room to provide target temperature and comfort. Thermal comfort is reached with iHelios system at a lower temperature – on average 1-3°C lower than using a conventional electric or gas system. Shorter start-up time also translates into lower power usage, lower carbon emissions, and bills.

Smart Thermostatic and App Control

iHelios system comes with multiple, smart thermostats that change your property into separate temperature zones with the possibility of different temperatures adjusted to your needs and preferences in each room. The thermostats can be connected over WiFi with iHelios application that can be downloaded into your phone from App Store or Google Play. The iHelios app with multiple smart features allows you to control the temperature in all temperature zones from everywhere at any time. The temperature is controlled by the thermostats with an accuracy of 1°C, which brings additional savings delivered by iHelios system.


Climate Change Committee advice on Sixth Carbon Budget report sets the ultimate goal of Net Zero carbon by at least 2050. To reach this target the changes must be introduced, starting from government introducing new policies and finishing on individual people making eco-friendly choices in their lives.

Currently only heavy industry, power generation and airlines are charged for the carbon emissions they release. Ministers want to expand this to cover other carbon-intensive goods and services including the use of gas for heating.

The proposals are at the centre of the carbon reduction blueprint that is expected to be announced in the run-up to COP26, the United Nations’ climate change conference being hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November 2021.

Nearly half of the energy used in the UK is used for heating. The report highlights home energy efficiency as a fundamental first step to a carbon free future. If we are aiming for a low carbon economy, we should stop combustion of gas, oil, coal and biomass. Oil and gas burning boilers will be banned from being installed in newbuild properties from 2025..

What is the alternative? The answer is: electrification of heating and developing renewable energy generators. Future homes may rely on electricity-based heating systems. iHelios heating system makes attractive, cost-effective, and efficient electricity-based heating solutions. Lower power consumption means lower carbon emissions, which gets iHelios heating system ready for future standards.

When powered by solar panels, iHelios could generate as little as zero carbon emissions – providing that the solar panels cover the building’s power usage.


iHelios system can be concealed in the ceilings and floors – this makes it completely invisible. Without the need to accommodate radiators on the walls, more space is left for planning and arranging the furniture. What is more, with no moving parts, our system is completely silent and maintenance-free. iHelios heating foil comes with a 30-year warranty.

Health Benefits

Convectional heaters dry out skin, cause static electricity and induce air circulation and, as a result, the circulation of the dust. iHelios system that emits infrared heat is free from these issues.

iHelios system emits the same heat as the sun does (free from UV radiation). Our skin is naturally designed to absorb infrared heat, which penetrates much deeper into skin and objects than the hot air and makes us feel warm because it helps blood vessels to expand and allow more blood to pump through. With no air circulation involved in the delivery of heat, dust movement in the house is reduced, which brings relief to people with allergies and asthma. Infrared heat generated by iHelios system deeply penetrates not only our skin but also the fabric of the house, which prevents the growth of dump and mould and helps to keep the respiratory system healthy. Infrared radiation is also used in various infrared therapies, which can give a good boost to our immune system at the time of the year that we need it most. It can also soothe arthritis and sinus conditions.

  • 100% Natural & eco friendly heat
  • Doesn’t heat air - heat delivered through the air directly to objects and people
  • Less damp and mould
  • Less dust (no air circulation)
  • Far less energy use
  • No maintenance
  • Emissions free *
* When backed up with solar panels


Using a patented thermal film, concealed in ceilings and floors, the system provides a heat source which emits radiant heat throughout the room without the need for a boiler, radiators or gas supply.


iHelios uses infrared radiation which, rather than heating the air, travels through the air and delivers heat directly to people and furnishings in the room. This consumes much less electricity than heating the entire volume of a property for its occupants to be comfortable.


The thermal film is an interior designer’s and decorator’s dream. With plain walls, free from radiators, each room is a blank canvas, allowing furniture to be situated anywhere you like.

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