Revolutionary Heating System

iHelios is a revolutionary infrared heating system; a new way to provide healthy, economical and eco-friendly heat, for any type of property.

Property developers, house builders, landlords and residential home owners all love the simplicity of iHelios.

Using a patented thermal film, concealed in walls and floors, the system provides a heat source which emits radiant heat throughout the room without the need for a boiler, radiators or gas supply.

iHelios uses infrared radiation which, rather than heating the air, delivers heat directly to bodies and furnishings in the room, even if the air still feels cool. This consumes much less electricity than heating the entire volume of a property for occupants to be comfortable.

Each room is thermostatically controlled to provide pleasant heat for your residential or commercial development within minutes.

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About iHelios

Lowest Investment Cost

Unlimited Application Possibilities

Zero Greenhouse Emissions

Your Alternative to
Traditional Heating Systems.

For your home

Perfect for homeowners conscious about reducing their carbon footprint and impact on climate change, whilst at the same time reducing energy costs. It is time to opt for an alternative way to heat your home, without conventional and none eco-friendly heating systems.

For your development

In 2025 the installation of gas boilers will no longer be permitted. This means with iHelios you will be ahead of the game as local authorities and development companies research ways to achieve the 2025 target when the installation of gas boilers will be no longer permitted.

For your planet

Our ethos is to provide heating solutions which make a viable contribution towards decarbonisation in the UK. With the terrifying prospect of the planet heating another 1.5 degrees celsius, our mission is to mitigate the need for old fashioned heating systems for good.

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