iHelios is a revolutionary infrared heating system; a new way to provide healthy, economical and eco-friendly heat, for any type of property.

Your alternative to traditional heating systems.

Property developers, house builders, landlords and residential home owners all love the simplicity of iHelios.
Lowest Investment Cost
Unlimited Application Possibilities
Potential for Zero Greenhouse Emissions

iHelios system provides natural, gentle, and safe heat for you and your house, by using natural and efficient heating technology.

Infrared heating is the most basic and natural form of radiant heat; similar to the heat emitted by our bodies or the sun. It is soothing, gentle, deeply penetrating warmth that doesn’t feel artificial or harsh.

Unlike other infrared heating systems which use metal panels, the iHelios system uses a carbon mat made from thin layers which are invisible as they are installed inside the ceiling or floor.

It uses a uniform structure that heats with its entire surface so no areas are left unheated. This highly efficient system sees over 99% of the electric energy supplied to the heating foil being converted to heat.

Individual thermostats, controlled by an app and smart technology, allow better control over heating and costs. This can be especially useful in large, shared premises where centralisation of heating is typically difficult.

Life time of product used is more than 50 years!

Environmentally driven

We are doing what's best for our planet, with an eco-friendly, economical and healthy heat iHelios is the future of reducing CO₂ emissions to save our planet.

Family run

We are an independent business that has been in the family since the beginning.

Rated 5 stars

At iHelios, customers always come first, and this is reflected in our gleaming reviews.

Value for money

All of our products and services come at a competitive prices so you know you're getting a great deal.

Effective distribution of heat for lower heating costs


The iHelios system is maintenance-free and superefficient. This naturally translates into lower energy costs for your property or development.

Using a patented thermal film, concealed in walls and floors, the system provides a heat source which emits radiant heat throughout the room without the need for a boiler, radiators or gas supply.

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